Understanding Pre-eclampsia

A guide for parents and health professionals

By Joyce Cowan, Prof Chris Redman and Isabel Walker
Clearsay Publishing
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About the book

Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy complication that is far from rare. But it remains so poorly understood that it cannot be reliably prevented or effectively managed except by delivery. And it continues to cause immense physical and emotional suffering to women, babies and families throughout the world.

Understanding Pre-eclampsia, co-written by a medical specialist, a midwife and a writer who lost her first baby because of pre-eclampsia, offers unique insights into this strange condition for the benefit of parents and health professionals (primarily midwives). It combines detailed explanations about pre-eclampsia and analysis of the latest research with patient stories gathered from all parts of the world, all presented in a highly accessible form.

Professor James Walker, a world expert on pre-eclampsia, has this to say:

‘This book is a labour of love, written by people who know about pre-eclampsia and care about its impact on women, families, doctors, midwives and others involved in the care of pregnant women. Everyone who reads it will learn from it to their benefit.’

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